Introduction to ESG
Introduction to ESG

Environmental, Social, Governance

NASIGN Eco-friendly
management philosophy
  • Environment Protection
  • Family Friendly
  • Ethical Management
Environment Protection
  • LWorks with tanneries that has Leather Working Group certification from Environmental Protection Certificate
  • Scheduled to launch vegan leather product such as cactus leather (2022)
  • Product line-ups with reusable nylon
  • Launching of eco-friendly bags and shopping baskets
  • Promoting recycling and reducing use of plastics within the corporation
Family Friendly
  • Woman-friendly company
  • Equal job opportunity for men and women
  • Equal promotion for male and female employees
  • Supporting funds for all preschool children
  • Prohibition of sexual abuses and bullies
Ethical Management
  • Transparent company management
  • Compliance with law and ethics
  • Compliance with statutory wages
  • Compliance with statutory working hours
  • Prohibition of discrimination
Leather manufacturing which uses the leather byproducts that are discarded in the meat processing, is one of the representative businesses in the up-cycling industry.
In order to protect the environment, NASIGN is accelerating research on Metal-Free studies that eliminates or minimizes the chemical processes which is harmful for the nature.
We work with LWG certified tanneries, a world-class certificate for eco-friendly leather manufacturing process, as an effort to protect the nature.
We also use eco-friendly materials such as reusable nylon and vegan leathers and has come up with products with such materials.
Sustainability refers to seeking the equality between the present and future generations along with the coexistence of humans and resources. Thus NASIGN puts sustainability as our top ideology for management and strives to practice our social responsibility.